About Our Metal Recycling

At ESS Metal Recycling, we buy, process, and sell scrap metals sourced from industrial clients across a wide spectrum of industries. We offer customized recycling solutions, first-class service, and competitive pricing which has earned us the confidence of our clients, from locally-owned businesses to Fortune 500 Companies.

We sell thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals annually to a multitude of consumers across the United States. By effectively navigating the scrap metal market supply chain, we bypass the middlemen, which allows us to receive the highest prices available in the marketplace.

We provide consistently high quality products which makes us a preferred and trusted supplier of scrap metal products to consumers throughout the nation. We leverage our scrap volumes to market and sell to the most appropriate consumers in an effort to deliver raw materials as close as possible to the entity that will ultimately melt the scrap metals into new products.

The efficiencies realized through this process enable us to generate the highest possible returns for our clients. These qualities help to make us your preferred scrap metal recycling partner.